How To Contact Me

Hi and welcome! Please email me from the contact page, or call my office and please do leave a message! I prefer not to use Facebook for discussion and would rather coordinate your appointment and answer any questions you have over email or the phone.

Educational Background

2006 - Graduated with Diploma in Heilkunst & Homeopathic Medicine, Hahnemann Centre for Heilkunst (HCH), initiated studies in 2001 after the birth of my daughter, with the desire to raise her as naturally as possible. Without knowing it, I was in search of a foundation of principles that would govern a rational system of health care which I found in Heilkunst.
2006 to Present - Continuing Education with the HCH and School of Romantic Science and Healthcare and mentorship.
2008 - Modules in German New Medicine, Calgary.
2014 - Modules in BioRegulatory Medicine, Edmonton, which led me to study BCST.
2016 - Graduated, Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST), Body Intelligence, Edmonton Training.
2017 - Pre and Perinatal Attachment Therapy Practitioner Training Level I, Myrna Martin, Nelson, B.C.
2018 - Certified as a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Practitioner (HTMA), Dr. Rick Malter, Phoenix AZ.
2019 - Currently I’m involved in an in-depth program of study in Anthroposophic Orgonomy, steeping myself in the Genius of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s work primarily, along with Rudolph Steiner’s lectures. This is taking me deeper into the biological/natural pole as well as a science based approach to the soul-spiritual pole. This is developing my skills of functional (polaric) thinking in order to facilitate my work.