Welcome!  Here's the Short Version:

Thank you for stopping in!  The short version "about me" is that I have been invested in my own personal health pursuits and education for a long time.  As I've cultivated a deepening of what feels like "soul patience" and certainly perseverance, more continues to be revealed to me that supports my unique and individual journey.  This of course helps me to support others who are drawn to work with me.  

And if you're so inclined, the (much) Longer Version:

If you're curious about the longer "about me," may I begin by  stating that I've been interested and invested in my health pursuits since I was at least the age of twelve or thirteen, but I recall with absolute delight and curiosity watching my parents "whip up" some home remedies on occasion even when I was much younger.  In my junior high years, I began to have epiphanies and make connections with regards to why my health was suffering.  From 6 months, I had developed food allergies and at times severe eczema, later turning into asthma through much of my adolescence.  By my late teens, I experienced bouts of depression, fatigue and a worsening of allergies.  Had I been interested in any diagnosis, I potentially would have been labelled as having fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue; however, I wasn't concerned about a diagnosis that would merely put a name to my group of symptoms.  I wanted to dig as deep as necessary to reveal what was causing these underlying symptoms.  That to me was the true diagnosis.  It made intuitive sense back then, and today is rationally and intuitively married in my consciousness.  

I began serving clients after graduating from the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst (HCH) in 2006 earning a Practitioner Diploma in Heilkunst (DHHP).  My education with the College, beginning in 2001, cultivated a lifetime love of learning and it was here that I truly entered into my healing journey.  I continue to work with a teacher and mentor who "schools" me much like the ancient Greeks were schooled, in an individualized education.

In 2016, after two busy years of travel, training and another depth of personal healing, I was granted a diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) from Body Intelligence.  This supported me in finding a deeper level of trauma resolution (especially from several concussions and injuries that I had experienced).  I was completely surprised by how deep the concussions as well as my own personal birth story had really fragmented my body.  I felt so much release and ease as the held tensions were able to find expression and a deeper level of resolution.  This modality remains as my top favourite hands-on therapy to settle the nervous system and help the body process trauma in order to find a renewed level of wholeness.

As my personal quest to enter into a deeper level of remineralization and detoxification ensued after my mom's cancer diagnosis, much to my surprise, my autonomic nervous system (ANS) and my endocrine system began to express dys-regulation.  Intuitively, part of it was that I knew I was in a phase of adrenal exhaustion and I was headed for burnout if I didn't have a means to understand the complexity of what was going on in my body.  The "strange" and scary symptoms I was experiencing were above the level of what typical medical tests could evaluate.  As I did what I could with the foundation of knowledge I had to draw from, I decided to put both feet forward once again by marshalling up the reserve energy I still had.  I recognized that even as tired as I felt, there was obviously more for me to understand and endure.  Let's just say, I was brought to my knees with it all.  

Sometimes life can bring us to our knees.  This was my time to learn surrender on an entirely new level.  

And then, I was re-introduced to Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) after a nudge from my mentor to revisit a book called "Energy: How it affects your emotions, your level of achievement, and your entire well-being".  Recognizing the next step on my path was presenting itself, I eagerly awaited my first test results while I began researching HTMA from the original founders.  HTMA provides an objective test to understand one's unique biochemical needs, revealing the dynamic mineral patterns, mineral relationship ratios and toxic metals in the tissue that the body is ready to deal with.  These nutrient minerals really are the drivers of metabolism and have a direct relationship with the health of the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune (PNEI) system, and our resilience (or lack of resilience) in the face of stress.  

I felt liberated to finally understand why, despite all that I had been doing for my health, things had taken such a downturn.  With my efforts, I had been gradually triggering a copper detox, and had gone into a "copper dump" literally causing havoc in my body.  Gaining understanding as to why the copper levels were so high in my cells and tissues in the first place felt very empowering and adds even more understanding and insight into health challenges that began in infancy.   I had been unaware of the serious nature of copper toxicity until my biochemistry took me there to learn this.  Stay tuned as I will be exploring this in more depth in future blogs. 

After having completed training with the Malter Institute, I'm pleased to now offer HTMA in my consulting work for the benefit of my clients' health and education.  

I wish to close with an expression of my gratitude for this "university of life".  It's a good feeling to wake up feeling inspired and committed to do my own part that adds to the expansion of the science of natural health care as I re-commit everyday to doing this in my own personal laboratory (my body). 

I invite you to check out the remainder of my pages, and if you wish to contact me for a consultation or if you have questions, please feel free to email or call me from the Contact page.  

For the JOY OF HEALTH!  

All the best to you,