At-Home Supports to Counter Mild Food Poisoning

What’s in My Cupboard

As the snow flurries will be making their appearance at any time in northern Alberta, many people will be planning their sunny vacations going South, or they will be embarking on extended stays in such warmer climates.  This can mean eating out a bit more in restaurants, perhaps upping the risk of eating food that just doesn’t sit well, or worse, eating food that causes symptoms of food poisoning.  Of course this can happen even when you’re in the comfort of your own home, which is what recently happened to me.  I had the insight to share what I keep around in my pantry to support the natural reaction by the body to rid itself of a foreign agent from “tainted” food.  

On this particular late afternoon, I decided to partake in an organic soup that I had been purchasing from a deli.  I had been keeping it around for something quick, warm and satisfying.  As I always do, I check the date and since all was good, I heated it up, taking note of the different aroma it carried from previous containers.  I initially rationalized it to being a different blend of spices.  

After a couple of bites, I determined the soup was indeed sour and by now, I had really picked up on the “off” aroma.  I said to myself, “I know my body can overcome this quickly” as I felt a wave of fear move through me with the uncertainty of the soup’s contents. 

A few minutes into the small quantity of ingested soup, I could begin to feel mild abdominal cramping.  Typically I’m sensitive and my body is quick to respond, and I’m fairly quick to acknowledge when my body lets me know something is “off” - period.  I countered the wave of fear as my instinctual and rational mind turned together.

I immediately took some activated charcoal to bind onto any toxic load from the few bites of soup, which would help to keep it bound and escort it out the bowel.  As I was putting the charcoal back into its rightful place in my cupboard, my cuff of my jean jacket almost knocked over my glass cilantro seed oil bottle onto the counter top.  “Of course!” I thought to myself.   I staggered the dosing as I listened and felt and responded to my body over the next 15 - 20 minutes.  One application of coriander seed oil is its use in food poisoning.  Thank goodness my unconscious was operating and directing me to something I would have overlooked in this instance!  Finally, I took a dose of homeopathic Arsenicum which is one of the main dynamic medicines to have on hand for food poisoning symptoms.  Arsenicum in potency, is readily available at most health product retailers.  Many products are deemed “homeopathic” because they are diluted and dynamized (through a series of dilutions and shakings) but a substance is only truly homeopathic when it is applied to a similar disease state within the body.  Arsenic in its crude and material form is highly poisonous and can cause horrific abdominal cramping as one of its complex of symptoms.  Once potentized via many dilutions and shakings thus rendering it “energy after matter”, arsenicum the remedy in potency, can be used homeopathically when the ingestion of a substance causes intestinal cramping such as what can occur in food poisoning.  This is nature’s law of similars at work.  

There is for me quite an inner contentment when I can act quickly and rationally and help support my natural healing power, especially in these types of instances.  Instead of just letting “nature take her course”, I like to intervene supportively as needed and it’s a great feeling to have these items in my kitchen cupboards.  They certainly would be items stowed in my suitcase for travel adventures too!

This above entry is not intended for medical advice and is solely for educational purposes only.