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My Natural Health Care Offerings

We all have a history.  Some people have had their health affected by an accumulation of shocks and traumas that have left their mark on the physical and emotional body.  Accumulated shocks can be physical injuries like concussions, injuries, vaccine and other iatrogenic (drug induced) shocks, surgical affects and emotional events.  Overtime, traumatic events accumulate and can tax the entire body or sometimes isolated events seem to initiate a cascade of health problems.

Within the medicine jurisdiction, we can "dislodge" the energetic imprint of the various traumatic events from the etheric body (a supersensible body that gives form and function to the material body).  This is in some ways analogous to moving larger rocks out of the way of the lawnmower's path instead of mowing around them (or over top of them)!  Now the natural healing power (in this case, the lawnmower) has a much clearer path and doesn't have these weighted marks (rocks) to contend with.  This analogy feels a bit linear although it gives you a general "feeling" of the quality of a "mark" left within the life force.  This biological energy, once "held" in a trauma pattern is now more free for daily use and living.  Dynamic medicine can also support one to "digest" the "undigested", adding to the healing on the emotional level.  

Someone who is dealing with low energy levels for example, may benefit from the use of dynamic medicine especially if there is a traumatic history.  A manual therapy at the same time, such as Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can help to fully process the traumatic events and support a deeper resolution of these from the nervous system.  Each work differently, but together, are complementary and synergistic. 

Now to take this a step further, stressful events, illness (both chronic and acute) as well as trauma can shift the mineral patterns in the biochemistry.   This can leave us more vulnerable to chronic disease and can prevent more of a complete resolution of healing from trauma even if you've already applied many healing efforts and modalities.  Regimen and nutrition are our workhorse, the foundation, when it comes to promoting self healing at a physical level and at the level of the mind.  Objective testing such as Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis will fine-tune what you need for your own biochemistry, supporting and bolstering the body and mind so many symptoms can just fall away. 

Our relationship to Self is also an important gateway into our health.  Illness and chronic health conditions can in part, occur when we are not being true to ourselves, yet sometimes, it is through in-direction, we actually find our direction.  Then, out of our freedom to choose, we can take steps to come more into alignment with our true nature.  The Greeks said, "Know Thyself".

I consult with people in-person and at a distance by phone or Skype.  You can visit my Store page to see my offerings and you can read my mission statement here.